About Me

“I go out to take a walk, I see something, I take a picture. I take photographs. 

I have avoided profound explanations of what I do.”

— Saul Leiter



Henry Beckmeyer is casual photographer, based in California, USA — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

I'm equally comfortable with analog and digital image capture devices (maybe a little more comfortable with analog), and use both according to my feeling at the time.

When I'm not traveling and taking photos, you'll find me at my small, family winery, bottling up some delicious natural wines.


A photograph is a slice of time, never to be repeated, and always open to interpretation. These moments and images can stimulate deep feelings in the viewer. I find images are their most powerful when there is a mystery involved. Often, the obvious is the enemy of the imagination.


Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss my photos, photography in general, and more.

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